More than 50 asylum seekers in the state waiting for accommodation

The overall number of individuals still without housing help since they arrived here this week is 55 after 31 more asylum seekers were unable to be accommodated by the State on Thursday.

According to The Irish Times, homeless groups have reacted to the increased number of asylum seekers who face the possibility of sleeping on the streets after entering the nation in search of safety as “totally shocking.”

On Tuesday, seven recently arrived asylum seekers were left without a place to stay.

According to the Department of Children and Integration, this increased to 17 on Wednesday and 31 on Thursday, bringing the total number of people at danger of rough sleeping over the past three days to 55.

Some men are being forced to sleep on the streets after the department claimed it was prioritising finding women and children arriving in the nation insufficient housing.

The severe lack of lodging is anticipated to last for a few days, however additional lodging is thought to have been found in Mullingar, Kildare, and Athlone.

Gary Gannon, a TD for Dublin Central, stated that he hasn’t heard anything about these deals. The Social Democrats’ deputy claims that communities are becoming distrustful due to a lack of information.

“As a TD I have been told nothing, communities are looking out to local representatives for information and many with reasonable questions.”

“We have no information for them because of the cloak and dagger nature of these decisions.”

A department spokesman said officials had taken the details of asylum seekers it could not accommodate, who would be contacted “as soon as accommodation becomes available”.

Mike Allen, head of advocacy at homeless charity Focus Ireland, said the situation was now “totally shocking”.

“Nobody seems to have done a disaster mitigation plan,” such as providing further temporary tented accommodation or camp beds in sports halls, he said.

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