Sheela Palace Restaurant at Mind Mega Mela today with mega offers

Today’s Mind Mega Mela in Ireland will have a carnival of flavours from Sheela Palace Restaurant.

The most beloved Malayalee chefs in Ireland are making an appearance this time with enormous deals for the most desired dishes.
The Sheila Palace menu at the Mind Mega Mela is shown below:

Chicken biryani €8

Ghee Rice & Beef Curry €10

Bread & Duck Curry €10

Bread & Beef Curry €10

Cho meen (noodles) €10

Chola Batura €10

Fried rice €5

Pork fries €10

Tandoori chicken €5

Puri & Beef Curry €10

Pazampori & Beef Curry €10

Cutlet (3 pieces) €5

Mango Lassi €5

Soda lime €5

Black coffee €2

Tea  €2

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