Tallest mural in Ireland unveiled in Dundalk

The tallest mural in Ireland has been completed in Ireland. The mural of the warrior god Lú from Irish mythology is 40 metres high from the ground and painted on the walls of Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The mural was done by Australian artist Sam Bates, aka “Smug One”, as part of the SEEK urban arts festival. Bates started the spray painting last week and now the mural has become a cultural icon of Dundalk. This one also happens to be the largest mural that Bates has ever done.

Image from the Crowne Plaza Facebook pags

Speaking after the completion, Bates said, “It might be the largest mural I have ever done. I have reached out to some people in Sweden who organised my other mural that might be the largest [but] I think this is the tallest.”

Bates has used photographs of a person who looked appropriate to god Lú, whom the artist discovered for the painting.

SEEK urban arts festival is organized by The Business Improvement District Scheme Dundalk and started in 2019.

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