Waterford Tigers Triumph in Tigers Cup 24 Indoor Cricket Tournament

Waterford Tigers emerged victorious in the Tigers Cup 24, a thrilling indoor cricket tournament held at Waterford Ballygunner Indoor Stadium. The competition featured 15 teams from across Ireland, showcasing exceptional cricket skills and generating excitement among fans.

In the closing ceremony, Tigers’ sponsor Shinu proudly accepted the winner’s trophy on behalf of Waterford Tigers. Individual awards were presented to outstanding players, including Best Batter Vince Jose and Best Keeper Vivek Thomas, both from Waterford Tigers. Manu Babu of Tigers Rising Stars earned the title of Best Bowler and was also recognized as the Most Valuable Player.

The highlight of the tournament was the finals, where Jomon George of Waterford Tigers was named the Man of the Match for his outstanding performance. The organizers expressed gratitude to all participating teams for their unwavering dedication, contributing to the resounding success of the event.

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